Content Management Systems

What Is A Content Management System

A Content Management System, or CMS, is a system that sits behind your website that allows you to edit it in a fairly user friendly way.  It puts you in control of things!  

Different CMS's are better suited for different types of websites, or moreso, the people and experience levels of whomever is going to be doing the editing, or product updates behind the scenes.    

Many digital / web design agencies like to use what they are used to using, which ties you to what they like!  At GSD Digital we don't like to dictate what you need to use and take each website and business on a case by case basis.  We look at the needs, the plugins available, and how independent you want to be moving ahead.  We do prefer Umbraco, giving our clients extensive control for the future, however we work with all Content Management Systems.


The Core CMS's We Work With


Umbraco CMS

Umbraco, which has an incredible and simple user interface, is brilliant for visualising the depth and structure within a website whilst editing and even for changing the base template, but requires one of various plugins for blogging. 

We do love Umbraco, having used and developed with it for many years including maintaining websites with over 2000 pages. It is one of the cleanest systems and has the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for government and fortune 500 companies.


Wordpress CMS Great For Bloggers

Wordpress, at it's native essence, is a great system for bloggers but not necessarily as an all in one CMS for product inventory updates without extra plugins.  Don't get us wrong, we adore Wordpress and although it may require a designer (like us) to adjust templates it is a brilliant CMS.


Joomla CMS -

Joomla. What can we say? Although this CMS is a lot more complicated in many ways when compared to Umbraco and Wordpress, it gets the job done!  There are a lot of plugins to expand on it to make life a little easier however many of these need to be paid for.  Templates are relatively easy to change for designers and administrators but (a bit like WordPress) if you have a lot of structured pages it's very easy to get lost in!

Need A Responsive Mobile Friendly Website?

GSD Digital can help give your business a fresh design that is accessible across all devices and is delivered at a small business friendly price.

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