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Umbraco and Umazel

We can customise and extend to any need however as a default (AND FREE!) we choose to deliver the fantastic UMAZEL Base Template for the Umbraco Content Management System.   

This template and system makes updating and customising your website so simple and is suitable for anyone : businesses big or small, bloggers, artists, retailers, hospitality, professional or amateurs.

An additional bonus is that whatever we develop for ourselves, being programmers and all, we also offer to your business.  For example, we're currently engineering a eCommerce system direct to PayPal within the Umbraco/Umazel template for Galleries and Portfolios.  We're also adding in standard features to support 360 degree and panoramic photo viewers.  

As we build our tools, you benefit, and if you need something specific, be it integrating to your own databases or other systems, we're here to help.  We've been developing with Umbraco for 7 years and Microsoft's programming frameworks for over 20 years.  We kind of knows our stuff!

This System Has Everything You Need Built In!

SEO Friendly

With simple SEO fields that not only take into account Search Engines but tags used by Social Media, you get to take control of the secret business that some people charge thousands to do. We can help as well with our fair priced (compared with many!) Search Engine Optimisation services.

Animate Things!

Each page is made up of sections, which you can control the animation of for some cool effects! And it's as simple as clicking on tick box and selecting the direction. Does making thing look fancy and professional get any easier than that?


Change anything with a few clicks, add and remove page sections. Add and change images and videos and content from any device (yes, we've even used this web editor from a Samsung Mobile phone!). Plus you have full access to the template itself, the style sheets and some of the code should you want to dive deeper.

See A Live Demo

Easily adjust every component of your website. Great for business, products, services, artists and so friendly to use. See just some of the features and layouts.

Want More?


Our development team can customise and add any form and practically integrate your website to anything! Whether it's a payment system, an existing product database that you maintain internally, social media feeds or something you've imagined would be pretty cool, we have the years behind us in working with technology, programming, media, design and communications to make things happen.

Order Now

Are you ready to get started? We'll have you setup with your domain, Umbraco and base template in just 24-48 hours, if not faster!

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